Verila Chisel Paste

Special Paste for Hydraulic Hammers with high content of Dry Lubricants

Verila Chisel Paste is special paste for the lubrication of the high demanding friction points under extreme pressures and at very high temperatures. It is based on special inorganic thickener and mineral oils of high viscosity. It contains carefully selected additives which provides high level of corrosion protection and superior adhesiveness to the metal surface. High content of very fine Copper and Graphite powders provides reduced wear and extended toll life.

  • Extremely High Temperature Resistance, withstands heat generated by tools, up to 1100 degrees Celsius
  • Containing Copper and Graphite powders. Forms protective layer on fitting surfaces and provides superior protection against wear
  • Excellent Adhesiveness to metal surfaces.
  • Superior Load Carrying Capacity thus extending the life of equipment exposed to continuous shock loads.
  • Excellent Rust and Corrosion Protection.

Special paste for bushings of hydraulic and pneumatic hammers. Extends internal service period between tool bushing replacement. The paste can be applied manually with grease guns or via central lubrication systems.

Please Note: Verila Chisel Paste is not intended for lubrication of roller and sliding bearing.

Test Parameter Test Method Value



Smooth and Homogenous







Base Oil Viscosity at 40 Celsius, mm2/s

EN ISO 3104


Operating Temperature Range


-20 to 1100 Celsius

Cone Penetration, Worked, 0.1mm

ISO 2137

245 - 285

Dropping Point

ISO 6299

> 305 Celsius

While the information and figures given here are typical of current production and compliant with VERILA specification, minor variations may occur