Verila Lithium EP 2 LL

High Performance - Long Life - Extreme Pressure (EP) - Lithium Grease

Verila Lithium EP 2 LL is lubricating grease based on lithium 12-hydroxystearate soap and high-quality base oil blend. The grease contains perfectly balanced antioxidants, rust and corrosion inhibitors and EP/AW additives as well as water resistance and mechanical stability improvers. The product is an high performance, long life, multi-purpose, extreme pressure [EP] grease which can be used in wide variety of industrial and automotive applications.

  • Long Life Grease: for prolonged re-greasing intervals.
  • Very wide Temperature Range, from -35 degrees Celsius up to 130 degrees Celsius.
  • Excellent Anti-Wear & Load Carrying Capacity protect equipment exposed to heavy loads.
  • Excellent Mechanical Stability, resistant against softening and leakage.
  • Excellent Oxidation Stability, the grease withstands high temperatures without hardening or forming deposits.
  • Very Good Resistance against water.
  • Very Good Rust and Corrosion Protection.

Wide range of Automotive and Industrial Applications: On-road and off-road vehicles; Construction, Mining, Agriculture and Forestry equipment; Industrial machinery. Typical Applications are: Plain and Rolling element bearings subjected to high loads and vibrations.

Grease Classifications
ISO 6743-9 L-XCCHB 2 ⋅ DIN 51502 KP2K-35
Test Parameter Test Method Value
Appearance Visual Smooth and Homogenous
Color Visual
Thickener   Lithium 12-hydroxystearate
Base Oil Viscosity at 40 Celsius, mm2/s ISO 3104 110
NLGI Grade ASTM D217 2
Operating Temperature Range   -35 to 130 Celsius
Cone Penetration, Worked, 0.1 mm ISO 2137 265 -295
Dropping Point ISO 6299 > 190 Celsius
Rust Test, EMCOR ISO 11007 0-0
Water Washout Test at 79 Celsius, wt.% loss ISO 11009 < 10
Four-Ball EP Test, Weld Point, N ASTM D2596 3150
FAG FE 9 (A/1500N/6000rpm), L50, hrs DIN 51821/2 > 100

While the information and figures given here are typical of current production and compliant with VERILA specification, minor variations may occur