Verila Li Complex EP 2 VG320 HDVT

Heavy Duty - Very Tacky - High Temperature - Extreme Pressure - Lithium Complex Grease

Verila Li Complex EP 2 VG320 HDVT is heavy duty lubricating grease based on lithium complex thickener and severely hydro-treated base oils of ISO VG320 viscosity grade. The lithium complex thickener makes the product suitable for applications within a wide temperature range, especially at elevated temperatures where conventional soap based grease cannot be applied. The product is formulated with the high-tech additive technology which deliver to grease the right balance of performance characteristics and thus prolongs re-greasing intervals. Superior anti-wear [AW] and extreme pressure [EP] performance as well as excellent water resistance, rust and corrosion prevention and high oxidation stability extends bearing life and that means less downtime.

  • Excellent at High Temperatures, up to 140 degrees Celsius.
  • Highly Adhesive grease, which will stay in place and not leak-out.
  • Very Good Mechanical Stability, resistant against softening.
  • Excellent Anti-Wear & High Load Carrying Capacity, protecting equipment exposed to heavy loads.
  • Excellent Resistance against water wash-out, even when exposed to severe water contamination.
  • Very good Rust and Corrosion Protection.

Heavy Duty Grease recommended for lubrication of: On-road and off-road vehicles as well as construction and agriculture machinery: wheel bearings, universal joints, axles, ball joints, chassis, bushings; Heavy Duty bearings, exposed to severe operating conditions, used in machinery installed in the cement, steel and paper industry; Mining and Quarrying equipment: pins and bushings on buckets, shovels, loaders, shakers, crushers, and conveyors; Other applications, including marine sector: Cables, Chains and all types of linkages.

Grease Classifications
ISO 6743-9 L-XCDHB 2 ⋅ DIN 51502 KP2N-30
Test Parameter Test Method Value



Smooth and Homogenous






Lithium Complex

Base Oil Viscosity at 40 Celsius, mm2/s

EN ISO 3104


NLGI Grade



Operating Temperature Range


-30 to 140 Celsius

Cone Penetration, Worked, 0.1 mm

ISO 2137

265 – 295

Dropping Point

ISO 6299

> 260 Celsius

Rust Test, EMCOR

ISO 11007


Water Washout Test at 79 Celsius, wt.% loss

ISO 11009

6% Typical

Four-Ball EP Test, Weld Point, N

ASTM D2596

min 3150

While the information and figures given here are typical of current production and compliant with VERILA specification, minor variations may occur