Verila Ca

Multi-Use ▪ Water Resistant ▪ Calcium Grease

Verila Ca are water resistant Calcium soap thickened lubricating greases of NLGI 2 and NLGI 3 consistency grades. These greases ensure an excellent water resistance and good protection against corrosion and wear in various applications within given temperature limits.

  • Excellent Resistance against water.
  • Operating Temperature range from -25 up to 60 degrees Celsius.
  • Very Good Lubricity, protect equipment against wear.
  • Very Good Rust and Corrosion Protection,   protect metal surfaces even in the presence of water.

Typical Applications are joints and other lubrication points in agricultural, off-road and construction equipment, where water and dust contamination are significant and high durability and efficiency is required; plain and rolling element bearings in not demanding, low speed and lightly loaded applications; water pumps; other applications such as hinges, screws and chain drives

Grease Classifications
ISO 6743-9   L-XBAHA 2 L-XBAHA 3
DIN 51502   K2C-25 K3C-25
Test Parameter Test Method Value
Appearance Visual Smooth and Homogenous
Color Visual Green
Thickener   Calcium Soap
Base Oil Viscosity at 40 Celsius, mm2/s ISO 3104 46
NLGI Grade ASTM D217 2 3
Operating Temperature Range   -25 to 60 Celsius
Cone Penetration, Worked, 0.1 mm ISO 2137 265 -295 220 -250
Dropping Point ISO 6299 > 90 Celsius > 95 Celsius
Oil Separation, 42h at 40 Celsius, wt.% IP 121 3 Typical
Corrosive Effects on Copper, 5h at 70 Celsius ASTM D4048 max 1
Water Washout Test at 40 Celsius, wt.% loss ISO 11009 max 10
Water Resistance Test at 40 Celsius DIN 51 807-1 max 0-40

While the information and figures given here are typical of current production and compliant with VERILA specification, minor variations may occur