Verila Ca-2-G

Water Resistant ▪ Calcium Grease Containing Graphite

Verila Ca-2-G is water resistant Calcium soap thickened lubricating grease containing graphite. The product ensure an excellent water resistance and good protection against corrosion in various applications and within given temperature limits. The addition of very fine graphite powder ensuring considerably improved protection against wear.

  • Very Good Anti-Wear Protection, even in the grease starving conditions. Contains very fine graphite powder.
  • Excellent Resistance against water.
  • Operating Temperature range from -20° up to 60° Celsius.
  • Very Good Affinity to the metal surfaces, protect metal parts even in the presence of water.
  • Very Good Rust and Corrosion Protection.

Generally used, water resistant lubricating grease containing graphite. Suitable for lubricating points where beyond water resistance the highly efficient protection against wear is required. Designated for the lubrication of heavily loaded, slow moving mechanisms in industry and agriculture, including open gear drives, threaded joints, chain drives, elevators’ sliders, metal ropes and other open heavily loaded sliding pairs.

Grease Classifications
ISO 6743-9 L-XBAHA 2 ⋅ DIN 51502 KF2C-20
Test Parameter Test Method Value
Appearance Visual Smooth and Homogenous
Color Visual
Thickener   Calcium
Dry Lubricant   Graphite
Base Oil Viscosity at 40 Celsius, mm2/s EN ISO 3104 46
NLGI Grade ASTM D217 2
Operating Temperature Range  

-20 to 60 Celsius

Cone Penetration, Worked, 0.1 mm ISO 2137 265 – 295
Dropping Point ISO 6299 > 95 Celsius
Corrosive Effects on Copper, 5h @ 70 Celsius ASTM D4048 max 1
Water Washout Test at 40 Celsius, wt.% loss ISO 11009 < 10
Water Resistance Test DIN 51 807-1 0-40 Typical
Four-Ball Wear Test, Wear Scar, mm ASTM D2266 0.50 Typical

While the information and figures given here are typical of current production and compliant with VERILA specification, minor variations may occur