Calcium Anhydrous & Cost Effective Calcium greases

VERILA Ca greases are Calcium soap-based greases. Reliable and cost effective multipurpose greases, NLGI 1 to 3. Provides good water resistance, for mild load operating applications normally working at temperatures below 60 Celsius for Calcium convetional greases and 110 Celsius for the Calcium Anhydrous Greases. VERILA Ca-G greases contains very fine Graphite powder and are recommended for lubricating points where beyond water resistance the highly efficient protection against wear is required. Especially recommended where a danger of short run without a sufficient supply of lubricant is existing. Designated for the lubrication of heavily loaded, slow moving mechanisms in industry and agriculture.

  • Verila Calcium Special VG1000 HDVT is heavy duty, very tacky and water-resistant lubricating grease based on calcium anhydrous soap thickener and a very viscous blend of mineral base oils and synthetic components. The product is formulated with special additives, delivering to grease excellent oxidation stability, rust an... read more.

  • Verila Multipurpose CAG 2 is based on calcium 12-hydroxystearate soap and high-quality base oil. The soap structure and specially selected additives ensures operating temperatures of 110º C, combined with high resistance against effect of water, very good lubricity, protection against wear and high corrosion resistan... read more.

  • Verila CAG 2 VG15 ELT is lubricating grease based on special calcium soap and mineral base oil of very low viscosity. The grease contains antioxidants, rust and corrosion inhibitors and AW additives. The product is water resistant, with improved corrosion protection and excellent low temperature performances. ... read more.

  • Verila Ca are water resistant Calcium soap thickened lubricating greases of NLGI 2 and NLGI 3 consistency grades. These greases ensure an excellent water resistance and good protection against corrosion and wear in various applications within given temperature limits. Excellent Resistance against water. ... read more.

  • Verila Ca-2-G EP is water resistant Calcium soap thickened lubricating grease.  The addition of graphite powder ensuring considerably high EP properties and reliable protection against wear. The grease contains stickiness additive which providing extraordinary elasticity of the grease and superior adhesion to the met... read more.

  • Verila Ca-2-G is water resistant Calcium soap thickened lubricating grease containing graphite. The product ensure an excellent water resistance and good protection against corrosion in various applications and within given temperature limits. The addition of very fine graphite powder ensuring considerably improved protec... read more.