Grease Manufacturing includes controlled chemical reactions that involve very exact time intervals and high temperature levels, conducted in pressurized reactors. The speed of heating, the intermediary phase cooling speed, also the ingredients addition sequence are essential for obtaining great quality greases. In the grease finishing stage, the homogenization, milling and laboratory quality control are complex processes as well, making the production of greases a very exact process, close to an art. The versatility and flexibility of production in VERILA factory is due to the available several production lines, which allow manufacturing of many greases in parallel. Our customers value our high quality greases and our flexibility in producing private label products.

  • This range of greases and pastes products are intended for the extreme applications such as high power open gears for grinding mills, dryers and rotary kilns, lubrication of rolling element bearing exposed to severe operating conditions and steel industry; special paste for bushings of hydraulic and pneumatic hammer; copper paste for easy assembling/disassembling operations in automotive and industrial applications.  

  • Lubricating greases, specially designed for extremely high temperature applications. Ideal choice for sliding surfaces, journals, plain and rolling element bearings that run at high temperatures in applications such as conveyers, kilns, tunnel ovens. These greases does not drop [melt] as traditional soap and complex soap thickened greases. At extreme temperatures will retain their grease consistency, will not drip out, will stay in place and provide efficient lubrication and protection to the equipment and parts.

  • Top performance greases, with Very High Operating Temperature, even up to 180 Celsius. Huge Extreme Pressure resistance, from 5000 to 8000 Newtons (as per ASTM D2596), Premium Anti-wear Protection,  Premium Water washout Resistance, Excellent Mechanical Stability, Low Oil Separation, recommend VERILA Calcium Sulfonate greases & Calcium Sulfonate Complex greases as premium performance greases, with Very Good Compatibility. We produce them in NLGI 0.5 to 2 grades, with base oil viscosities from 180mm2/s to ISO VG 1500 and even higher. VERILA Calcium Sulfonate Complex greases ensure premium greasing for your automotive, marine, industrial strongly loaded applications, in very heavily loaded industrial applications from mining, steel industry, wooden pellet production and many marine applications and more.

  • Very high performance, VERILA Lithium Complex Greases products give very efficient lubrication and equipment protection even in hostile working environment and hard operating conditions and wide operating temperature range, up to as high as 140º Celsius, or even to 160º Celsius, if the relubrication intervals are shortened. VERILA Lithium Complex Greases has very with high dropping points, some of the products reaching 260º Celsius. VERILA Lithium Complex Greases have excellent mechanical stability, will stick to metallic surfaces, will offer great protection against corrosion, wear, high stress loads and excellent resistance against water washout.

  • The greases with most versatile application range. VERILA lithium greases are multipurpose, extreme pressure (EP) greases, thickened by Lithium 12-hydroxystearate soap, produced in NLGI consistency grades from NLGI 00/000 to NLGI 3. They are recommended for the applications where high load resistance is mandatory and where grease with very good mechanical stability, which will not soften during application is requested. Typically, they can be used in wide temperature range, from -30 Celsius up to 120 Celsius. Some specially formulated lithium greases can be applied even at higher operating temperatures.

  • VERILA LiCa greases are Lithium and Calcium mixed soap-based greases. They are widely used greases, in automotive and industrial applications, where high resistance against water contamination is needed.  These greases are dyed read for easy identification. Available as non-EP greases for applications under low to medium loads and EP (extreme pressure) greases for applications under high load conditions. Produced in NLGI consistency grades from NLGI 1 to NLGI 3. Typically, they can be used in temperature range, from -30 Celsius up to 110 Celsius. Some specially formulated VERILA LiCa greases, with the base oil of high viscosity or containing moly, are high performing products recommended for the most severe industrial and automotive applications.

  • VERILA Ca greases are Calcium soap-based greases. Reliable and cost effective multipurpose greases, NLGI 1 to 3. Provides good water resistance, for mild load operating applications normally working at temperatures below 60 Celsius for Calcium convetional greases and 110 Celsius for the Calcium Anhydrous Greases. VERILA Ca-G greases contains very fine Graphite powder and are recommended for lubricating points where beyond water resistance the highly efficient protection against wear is required. Especially recommended where a danger of short run without a sufficient supply of lubricant is existing. Designated for the lubrication of heavily loaded, slow moving mechanisms in industry and agriculture.

  • VERILA Hand Cleaner is a premium quality gel for cleaning very dirty hands. It has fresh citrus aroma, contains a blend of skin conditioners and fine gentle polyethylene fine particles, to help efficiently remove greasy dirt such as: oils, greases, paints, printing inks, especially from the hands of personnel working in car repair workshops, printing centers, painting and various home repairs.  

  • VERILA produces a large variety of Antifreezes, for various automotive and stationary (industrial and house-hold) applications, utilizing  very specially selected additives, to provide specific performances required. We have also Antifreeze specialties for extreme conditions and also for extended service intervals. Verila Screenwash fluids benefit from proven performance, from over 70 years of production experience.  

Please see how many pieces of each SKU are on a pallet
Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) * Boxes on a pallet Pieces in a carton box Pieces on a pallet Pallet dimensions NET weight, kg/pallet
0.400 kg cartridge60211260120*80 cm504
0.400 kg (Plastic can)3032960120*80 cm384
0.800 kg (Plastic can)3618648120*80 cm518.4
4 kg (Plastic pail)304120120*80 cm480
15/16 kg (metal pails)(no carton boxes)(no carton boxes)33120*80 cm495
50 kg (metal drum)(no carton boxes)(no carton boxes)18114*114 cm900
180 kg (metal drum)(no carton boxes)(no carton boxes)4114*114 cm720

NOTE: * some products are available only in some of these SKUs. Also, other sizes packages and box/pallet compositions can be made per customer request.