Verila factory inherits 72 years of experience in chemical processes the know-how and personnel which is highly specialized in the niche of production of lubricating greases. Numerous colleagues work in this factory for decades, they had the opportunity to have a significant contribution to the accelerated growth of the company. The average age of our colleagues is 43 years, we have colleagues working in this factory since more than 30 years, as well as young and ambitious professionals.
We have 55% women in our employees gender mix. In many cases, two or more members of a Verila factory family are working in Verila. The management of Verila considers in fact the entire Verila team, as a family. In Verila factory the lunch break (catering) is considered an opportunity for all employees to engage in discussions with colleagues and managers, as in Verila factory we value and nurture the diversity of opinions. Verila management constantly maintains a participative atmosphere, encouraging the expression of opinions, listening to all opinions. Verila employees have equal voice in subjects that concern the working environment. The true care for employees is at the center of the management approach. We nurture a culture of safety at work, the care for the colleague, we invest in the constant improvement of the working places, so that our colleagues to be able to fully express their working potential, in a warm and fair working environment. We embrace diversity of all kinds, provided that is respects the other opinions. We believe that the expression of diverse working styles enriches Verila. “Out of the box” opinions observed and are encouraged to be expressed, because this is considered a potential reservoir of wisdom, as always the power of many brains will be higher than a single opinion.
All Verila Lubricants AD employees benefit from private health insurance. The fact that all employees have easy access to checking and maintaining good health, is our expression of care for their well-being. It also is an important differentiation factor versus in the competition for the human resources.

Should you want to become part of our Verila family, you are kindly invited to observe the announcements about open jobs and courageously apply if you consider that your skills are fit for those jobs advertised. To apply, please use only the email, where to send your letter of intent and your CV, in English please.
Present open jobs: